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Portrait Matthias Winter Hamburg

Quite simply:
Every input, every order, every conversation, every lecture, every inquiry and every service: we are always in contact.

Whenever we are in contact with people, we have the opportunity to shape and influence.

Whoever shapes, determines.
And who determines, leads.
Quite simply

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When you work with people, you lead

For over 20 years I have worked with a wide variety of groups and individuals, always with one passionate interest: To inspire, promote and accompany change & development.

From the managing team-leader to the student at the hotspot school, I meet people of all backgrounds and professions; always with the same aspiration:
To create an encounter at eye level, with a focus on overcoming the respective challenge. And to develop the perspectives & skills that are necessary for this next step.

We all have one thing in common: every human being is subject to changes and challenges. Every person has untapped potential; and the greatest resistance to development is always ourselves.
Seeing this and being able to influence it is the path to mastery in life and the most beautiful of all possible journeys

Well-founded experience, useful knowledge, a good & accurate perception as well as a good pinch of humor form the basis for the quality and atmosphere of my work

In concrete terms, this is expressed in a stimulating field of tension between business, art and pedagogy, as I have worked and continue to work both as a trainer, speaker & coach for business companies (H&M, Greenpeace Energy, NTT Data, etc.) and as a theater teacher (Lübeck University of Music, Stuttgart Theater Academy, etc.) and lecturer in teacher training (IQSH, LI Hamburg). In addition, I carry out theater projects with a wide variety of target groups.

I get my own challenges in my private life as a single father and a highly sensitive person who keeps curiously exploring the contradictions and mysteries of his own existence

As foundation, oracle and source of wisdom serve me among others the ideas of Taoism and Spiral Dynamics as well as the following teachers and bright minds: Ken Wilber, Peter Brook, Keith Johnstone, Ron Smothermon, Astrid Lindgren, Bertolt Brecht, Janosch, and others.

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